Senate Bill 1150: How Can I Help Widowed Homeowners?

Dear SB1150 Supporters:

We made it!

Yesterday after taking some amendments, SB1150 (Leno, Galgiani) passed out of Assembly Banking on a vote of 8 to 2!

This is a big step as we try to put in place protections for widows, widowers and other heirs who continue to face unnecessary foreclosures. We could not have done it without all of the support you have provided with your letters, phone calls, texts, in-district meetings, and presence at the hearing.

Now, we move to Assembly Judiciary. The committee is meeting a week from today, Tuesday, June 28 at 9am.

We need to make a (near) final push to get through this committee. Can you pick up the phone and call these assembly members and urge them to vote YES on SB 1150?

Thank you!

The SB 1150 Team

Member Staff Phone
Stone Committee Staff 916-319-2029
Wagner  Lily Movsisyan 916-319-2068
Alejo Paco Torres 916-319-2030
Chau Garret Bazurto 916-319-2049
Chiu Eric Guerra 916-319-2017
Gallagher Joe Zanze 916-319-2003
Cristina Garcia Erinn Ryberg 916-319-2058
Holden Nicholas Liedtke 916-319-2041
Maienschein Matthew Easley 916-319-2077
Ting Jessica Duong 916-319-2019