Important Protections For Widowed Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

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The largest asset most Americans have.

The California Reinvestment Coalition has been contacted by a number of homeowners and heirs who are struggling to understand what their rights are when working with their mortgage servicers- especially in cases where the borrower who is on the mortgage has passed away.

As of January 1, 2017, a new law went into effect in California which will be very helpful for families who may be facing unnecessary foreclosures because their servicers are refusing to speak with them.  The law is called the Homeowner Survivor Bill of Rights, and you can learn more about it on this website.

If you are a homeowner or heir trying to speak with your bank or mortgage servicer and they are refusing to speak with them, you may ask if they’re aware of the new law- and the requirements under it.

If you are still hitting a brick wall when trying to speak with your bank or servicer, please give CRC a call and we’ll connect you with experts in your area.


How YOU can Help Protect Surviving Homeowners!

Can you contact your senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 1150?

It will take you five minutes, but could make a world of difference for a surviving homeowner who would be better protected from mortgage servicer bureaucracy and unnecessary foreclosure if SB 1150 is enacted. SB 1150 has already passed out of the Senate Banking and Senate Judiciary Committees. The next step is a vote on the full Senate floor, which we expect will happen next week.

We are especially focused on contacting these seven senators to let them know about the problem, how SB 1150 would fix it, and to ask for their support. So please pick up the phone and give them a phone call.

    1. Your senator: If you’re not sure who your senator is, please use this website.
    2. Senator Roth (Riverside) – (916) 651-4031
    3. Senator Mendoza (LA, OC) – (916) 651-4032
    4. Senator Hertzberg (Van Nuys) – (916) 651-4018
    5. Senator Hernandez (San Gabriel Valley) – (916) 651-4022
    6. Senator Allen (Westside, Hollywood, South Bay LA) – (916) 651-4026
    7. Senator Wolk (Parts of Contra Costa, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Sacramento counties): 916-651-4003
    8. Senator Leyva (San Bernardino, Pomona): (916) 651-4020


Also, if you’re active on social media, please consider tweeting a message of support as well.  We’re including a few sample tweets below that you can copy/paste. If you know that your senator is on Twitter, please add them to your tweet:


#SB1150 is a smart fix to address time-consuming bureaucracy that surviving homeowners currently face:  #CaLeg


#CaLeg has opportunity to protect widow and widower homeowners from unnecessary foreclosures with #SB1150:


After losing a spouse, surviving homeowners shouldn’t ALSO lose their homes unnecessarily. #SB1150 would stop “red tape foreclosures” #CaLeg 


Thanks for your support!  
The SB 1150 team (California Reinvestment Coalition, Housing and Economic Rights Advocates, and California Association of Retired Americans)